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You know you should be putting your money to work for you!

Do you know that real estate investing is the one sure-fire, proven strategy for developing generational wealth and reaching your financial goals? If you know this, you know you should be involved in real estate, but life is busy! Who has the time?!?

Here is what you may not know. You can invest passively in real estate and get double-digit returns on your money with LITTLE TIME and LITTLE EFFORT!

5 E’s that represent our Core Values

  • Entertain - Keep it light and fun to maintain engagement

  • Educate - Deliver the right knowledge to help members reach their goals

  • Empower - Provide a positive message that builds belief in members' abilities to succeed

  • Excellence - Consistently deliver the highest degree of quality training to everyone we reach

  • Ethically - Everything we do must answer YES to the question, “is this moral, ethical & legal?”

We, at Alchemist Nation, encourage our members to build their ideal business while simultaneously receiving the right knowledge, network & accountability to make it profitable and valuable. Massive Income from Passive Income!

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Time: 6:00PM - 8:30PM


Dave & Busters, Tampa @

10209 Estuary Lakes Dr.

Tampa, FL 33619

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  • Free Up Your Time & Avoid Headaches

  • Achieve True Diversification

  • Avoid Credit and Liability Risk

  • Cash Flow

  • Multiple Streams of Income

  • Invest In Different Markets


  • Scott Maurer

  • 13191 Starkey Road, Suite 2, Largo

Financial Planner - Self-Directed 401k/IRA

Scott Maurer is the Vice President of Sales for Advanta IRA, a nationwide self-directed IRA administrator. Scott has worked for Advanta since 2006, helping thousands of people invest in alternative assets (mainly real estate) using their IRAs and old 401ks. Scott is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the topic of self-directed IRAs and has also appeared on many real estate and investment podcasts. Scott is also an attorney and a member of The Florida Bar, although he does not give legal advice to Advanta clients.

Advanta IRA is a self-directed IRA administrator that specializes in performing the recordkeeping and custodial functions for individuals who use their retirement funds to invest in alternative assets. Advanta IRA has been specializing in Self-Directed IRA Administration since 2003. Rather than investing their IRAs into mutual funds or stocks, many of our clients choose to also make real estate, private loans, private placements, precious metals, etc. a part of their retirement portfolio. Most conventional IRA custodians (banks and brokerage firms) are not willing to hold these assets even though IRS regulations allow for it. Advanta does not sell or endorse any investments or products, but simply holds the assets that an individual wants to have within their IRA.

  • Ricardo Bailey

  • 625 E. Twiggs Street Suite 1061 #61

Lender - Commercial Landing

Ricardo A. Bailey (Rick) is a retired Army veteran who served over 21 years on active duty. He is the founder and CEO of RICAR Funding Solutions, which provides commercial funding to small and medium-sized businesses, with a special emphasis on commercial real estate lending. Rick has a strong background in Leadership, Management, and Business Relations. His skill set strongly emphasizes Procurement and Logistics, Development, and Conflict Management. He use his business acumen to lead and cultivate teams to achieve success. He's great with people skills and an excellent negotiator to achieve a win-win outcome and establish long-term relationships. His expertise includes 11+ years of providing Acquisition and Technology support to organizations with 200-plus personnel, International agencies, and businesses globally, and ten years of experience in logistics and Supply Chain Management. His experience in international business relations, leadership, and management cultivated him to master being a technical expert in strategic, technical, and operational structures.

Rick has great social intelligence and is an excellent motivational speaker, team builder, and mentor.

  • Robin Veilleux

  • 4310 Mullins Road

Property Manager - Property Management

With over 30 years' experience in the commercial property management industry, I’ve earned a Bachelors in Sustainability Management along with the designations of RPA (Real Property Administrator) and FMA (Facility Management Administrator) from the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA), along with a CPM (Certified Property Manager) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and have been LEED Green Certified. I have managed a variety of property types, including residential, office, retail, medical and industrial properties. I've also worked for some of the most notable property management companies though out the country including Grubb & Ellis (now known as Newmark, Grubb, Knight Frank), CBRE, EastGroup and The Parmenter Company. During my tenure at CBRE I earned Property Manager of the Year and Sustainability Manager of the year - three years running. In addition, served on the board of the local BOMA organization from 2014 - 2017 and was the chair of the Sustainability Committee.

The success I've had has also been realized by implementing an assortment of strategies including creative cost savings, designing tenant retention programs, implementing sustainability practices, and resourceful problem solving.

  • Denisse R. Szmigiel

  • 625 E. Twiggs Street Suite 1061 #61

Denisse R. Szmigiel is a dynamic Program Manager, Engineer, and Realtor, boasting over two decades of successful accomplishments and leadership roles in both the Federal Government and Private Industry. With a diverse background, Denisse has effectively demonstrated her expertise in managing a wide range of portfolios. Her analytical and leadership skills, coupled with her ability to understand and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, give her a distinct advantage in negotiating real estate transactions. Denisse's strategic vision and unwavering dedication to wealth generation set her apart as a standout professional in the real estate investments field.

As an accomplished real estate investor, Denisse possesses a diverse portfolio that showcases her proficiency in various strategies, including long-term investments, mid-term, short-term ventures, 1031 exchanges, tax lien investments, and private money lending. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian, she brings a multilingual and multicultural dimension to her work. Ms. Szmigiel has received notable awards, including the Army's 2020 Superior Civilian Service Medal, and in 2018, she was honored with the Distinguished Military Service Latina Civilian Award from the US Army.

Beyond her professional achievements, she actively serves as a mentor and speaker, participating in numerous opportunities to promote STEM, minority, and women's resilience, inspiring audiences with her insights. Denisse has also earned various certifications, including Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Realtor certification, and Times Studies certification.

With 23 years of experience in mortgage banking, underwriting, and management, Ken Ingram has demonstrated unwavering commitment and expertise in the financial industry. Ken truly enjoys helping people realize both their first home and their 20th. His career has spanned various roles, from originating loans to underwriting and managing teams. In-depth knowledge, adaptability to industry changes, and effective leadership have consistently delivered exceptional results. Ken is a trusted professional dedicated to ethical lending practices and financial stability, and he continues to make a significant impact in the mortgage industry. Ken's clients receive much more than just a financial product, they also receive strategy and the experience of involvement and/or coordination of over 1 billion in residential real estate transactions. In addition to Mortgage Banking, Ken also co-owns a solar energy organization named Whole Home Pro and a Private Bridge Loan company called RE Bridge Solutions. Ken is always looking for ways to help others navigate through and become successful in Real Estate.

Seasoned investor and mortgage originator Ken Ingram spends his days talking about, structuring and gaining approval for real estate transactions funded with someone else's money!

  • Sam Sky

  • 9371 Cypress Lake Drive, Ft Myers, FL 33919

Sam Sky has been caring for people’s credit and debt for over 20 years. Mr. Sky is the current CEO of Legal Analysis LLC, which has the website

and was previously the CEO of Credit Restoration Brokers, LLC. Sam Sky’s is the author of The Credit Book and has been the feature guest speaker numerous times for many local chapters of FICPA (Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants), FPA (Financial Planning Association), and several REIAs (Real Estate Investors Associations).

Sam Sky has helped thousands with his expertise in credit restoration and debt negotiation. Some of his clients include politicians, entertainers, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes. But more importantly, he offers affordable programs for the average American and payment plans to make the whole process easy and painless.

Credit CRB is the premier credit and debt source for individuals that seriously value and understand the importance of their credit.

  • Eric Bohn

  • 901 34th Ave N STE 7836

    St. Petersburg, FL 33704

I am the founder and Chief Tax Officer of The Tampa Bay Tax Group. I bring 30 years of experience to the table in the areas of public accounting, taxation, mortgage banking, real estate investing, hospitality, and business consulting.

I am originally from the Midwest and moved to Florida years ago to escape the cold and take advantage of the business-friendly, tax-friendly environment Florida offers. In my free time, I enjoy real estate investing, golf, hunting, fishing, college football, craft beer, bourbon, wine, and showing and competing in various dog sports with my dogs.

  • Pete Ambrosino

  • 912 7th Ave E #2, Bradenton, FL 34208

"Breaking free, pursuing passion, and transforming lives. Join me on the journey to a life of freedom and fulfillment."

Passionate about breaking free from the ordinary, I embarked on a transformative journey to reclaim control of my business and life. Fueled by a desire for freedom and fulfillment, I overcame the challenges of improper staffing and franchise limitations that had kept me trapped. Now, I empower others to do the same. With a deep understanding of the impact of restriction and the importance of aligning passion with purpose, I guide visionary entrepreneurs and individuals on their path to success. I help my clients unlock their full potential and create thriving ventures.


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